Non-Compete Agreements

Houston Non-Compete Agreement Enforcement Lawyers

For many employers, non-compete, non-use and non-disclosure covenants are essential to protect their products, ideas and talent. At the Houston, Texas, law firm of Zukowski, Bresenhan & Piazza LLP, we assist employers trying to enforce these covenants and protecting their business interests.

When an employee leaves for another company, it is necessary for the business to exercise their rights and take proper legal action to enforce the covenant. This may involve passive measures of informing the employee of the terms of the agreement and reminding them of their obligations. If the employee disregards the covenant outright, aggressive measures may be necessary.

Our firm takes enforcement of these covenants seriously. We understand the importance of these covenants to your business and the detrimental effects it could have if they are breached. As your corporate lawyers, we will take necessary action to try to help ensure that all provisions are followed according to the agreement:

  • Counsel the employer on the provisions to highlight during the exit interview;
  • Write a “cease and desist letter” that includes a clear summary of the employee’s obligations and restrictions under these covenants, and demands the employee avoid actions that could compromise the agreement;
  • Write a letter to the new employer explaining the provisions of these covenants and demanding that they not interfere with these provisions; and/or
  • File a lawsuit to place a court-ordered stop on any behaviors that violate these covenants.

We work closely with our business clients to determine which option, if any, is appropriate in their case. We also review their situation to determine if they are acting fairly and in good measure toward the employee. It is important that the employer has clear evidence or good reason to believe that the former employee violated these covenants in order to avoid further conflict.

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