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Texas Estate Lawyers: Helping Clients Preserve Their Assets

At the law firm of Zukowski, Bresenhan & Piazza LLP, in Houston, Texas, we are committed to helping clients and their families protect and preserve assets for future generations. We counsel individuals on the estate-planning tools available to them, including wills and trusts, and assist them in making a decision that meets their specific needs and wishes.

Some people believe that estate planning is only for the middle-aged or elderly. In reality, everyone can benefit from a basic estate plan, even if they do not have significant assets.

Simple Wills

A simple will can express wishes regarding distribution of household items and can designate a caregiver for children should the parents become incapacitated or die unexpectedly. It can also designate a power of attorney and health care power of attorney in the event that the creator cannot make decisions on his or her own.


For those with more complex estates, a trust may better serve their needs. A trust places assets under the care of a trustee who is responsible for managing the assets and distributing them upon the death of the trustor. Trusts can help people avoid certain taxes, qualify for Medicaid, provide protection for money and assets, ensure assets are distributed to the chosen beneficiaries, and provide many other benefits.

There are many kinds of trusts broken down into two main categories, revocable trusts and irrevocable trusts. Revocable trusts can be altered during the trustor’s lifetime, while irrevocable trusts cannot. The type of trust you choose depends on your financial situation, goals and wishes. Our firm will design an estate plan that meets your needs.

Living Wills

Another estate planning tool available is a living will, or advance health care directive. This document specifies your wishes regarding your health care should you become incapacitated. It is an important document for anyone who feels strongly about the type and extent of medical care they receive in emergencies and other serious medical situations.

To learn more about wills and trusts, contact our estate planning attorneys to schedule a confidential consultation. Your estate needs will be serviced by attorney Marc J. Magids.